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Managing partner Anna Johnsen is a civil lawyer who litigates business disputes, personal injury claims, contract disputes, and employment lawsuits. Anna has done both criminal trials and civil trials and thrives in the courtroom.  Understanding the importance of every case, she tenaciously advocates for the rights of each and every client.  Anna credits her experience in the courtroom for her ability to respond effectively to unexpected turns that inevitably occur in trial—such as when a judge makes an unusual ruling, or a witness breaks down on the stand. 


Anna graduated from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, where she double majored in English and Spanish.  She went on to graduate from University of Oregon School of Law.  Anna was born and raised in Seattle and plans to live here for several more decades. 


Anna is admitted to practice law in the State of Washington and in Federal District Court for the Western District of Washington.

Anna Johnsen Seattle Trial Attorney Law Firm Anna Johnsen Law PLLC
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